Research publications recently are these:

Chapters in books

Hemson, C. (2015, forthcoming). Chronic violence and pedagogy.  In A. Keasley & S.B. Maphosa (Eds.) Peace Education for Violence Prevention in Fragile African Societies: What’s Going to Make a Difference? Pretoria: HSRC Press.

Pillay, G. and Kaye, S. 2015. Chapter: Exploring Social Entrepreneurship for the Creation of Sustainable Livelihoods in South Africa. In Fields, Z. Incorporating Business Models and Strategies into Social Entrepreneurship. IGI-Global.

Harris, G. 2014. Does restorative justice work? An evaluation of the restorative justice programmes of Phoenix Zululand. In Maphosa, S., DeLuca, L. & Keasley, A. (eds.) Building peace from within. Pretoria: Africa Institute of South Africa, 74-84.

Journal articles

Harris, G. and Vermaak, C. 2015. Economic inequality as a source of interpersonal violence: evidence from sub-Saharan Africa and South Africa. South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences, 18(1): 45-57.

Hemson, C. 2015. Lost in transition: The lives of African lifeguards. Social Dynamics (forthcoming).

Liebenberg, S., Haines, R. & Harris, G. 2015. A theory of war economies: formation, maintenance and dismantling. African Security Review, 24(3): 123-144.

Harris, G., Hemson, C. & Kaye, S. (2014). Creative action for change. South African Crime Quarterly, 45, 35-45.

Mulumeoderhwa, M and Harris, G. 2014. Forced sex, rape and sexual exploitation: the attitudes and experiences of high school students in South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo. Culture, Health & Sexuality

Mulumeoderhwa, M. and Harris, G. 2014. Relationships, sex and conflict among young people in South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo. Peace and Conflict Review 8(1): 19-29.

Boyce, G. and  Harris, G. 2013.  Hope the beloved country: hope levels in the new South Africa. Social Indicators Research, 113 (7): 583-597.

Hemson, C. 2013. Violence at the end of the rainbow. Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice, 25, 51-57.

Mulumeordhwa, M. and Harris, G. 2013. Girlfriends, sex and violence: the attitudes and behaviour of adolescent males in a South African township. Social Work/Maatskaplike Werk, 49(2), 2013, 222-233.

Closson, R. and Kaye, S. 2012. Learning by doing: Preparation of Bahá’í nonformal Tutors. New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, no. 133, Spring 2012.

Harris, G. and Van der Merwe, A. 2012. The scope for mobilising public opinion against corruption: the attitudes of KwaZulu-Natal university students. South African Journal of Economics & Management Sciences, 15(3): 282-293.

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Kaye, S. (2012). Case Studies in Local Economic Development: The Case of Sisonke Rail; The Case of Inina Crafts. Skills@Work: Theory & Practice Journal, Edition 4.

Umubyeyi, B. and Harris, G. 2012.  Promoting nonviolent parenting among refugee mothers in Durban. Social Work/Maatskaplike Werk, 48(4): 456-466.

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Hemson, C. and Singh, P. 2010. Shadows of transformation: inclusion and exclusion of academic staff at Durban University of Technology, South African Journal of Higher Education, 24(5), 935-952.


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